Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wee Dries Rock

Alex and I went over to the LM today and floated from Blacks Ford to Greycliff in about 2 hours. It started raining and blowing as soon as we got on the water. Not the best conditions for a 10 year old who just got the latest Pokemon game an hour or so earlier. Nevertheless, we did get a few fish without trying too hard. I think I'll take my trip over there tomorrow.

Heres a pic of a 7.5 banger from the Oreti. I got 2 of these that day and Jones got his 9.75. I think NZ is the pinnacle of all trout fishing. Sight-fishing to extraordinarily wary and large trout in water you can drink (but don't). There is no experience in fly-fishing like seeing a 6 pound plus brown trout slowly open its mouth to eat a wee dry on a 15 foot leader. Couple that with 6x tippet and the experience is unlike any other on earth! All fishing is good or great,
 there is something special about the way it happens in NZ.

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