Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WInter Again

The weather last week was just out of hand nice, 60-70 degrees and beautiful. We ordered Chinese on Sunday night and I almost lost it when I opened the front door to a snow covered delivery guy. The snow is good for us as our snow pack is looking good and getting better, ideally we'll hang onto it for another 3-4 weeks and lose it in May.

I guided Monday on the LM from Cherry Crk to Greycliff. The day started off perfect for me with a trip to the car wash to get the snow and ice out of the boat. Thank god for hot water!

Fishing was actually very good from the boat, which surprised me. Dead drifting a crayfish with a SJ Worm behind it found 20+ hungry fish in the buckets. The best fishing was between Blacks Ford and Greycliff. With the Rainbows now on the redds in full spawn, we mostly caught browns that were 14-16 and one that was a shade over 19. The bets fish of the day spit up a 6" sculpin as it came to the net. Saw plenty of midges, but no BWO's yet.

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