Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well it's been a wild 3 days of some whacked out weather. The end of April is usually characterized by some nice weather and days spent waiting and hoping for the Mother's Day Caddis. It's usually a casual time of year with some great fishing.
Monday was cold, windy and fishing sucked on the Yellowstone. Where else on earth can you have shore to shore Bateis on the water speckled with a billion March Browns and no rising fish? Junkified. 

Yesterday we went up to the Missouri, expecting some good fishing for a couple of days. Instead, we got up there just in time to verify the Winter Storm Warning accuracy. We fished for a coupel hours, fought the wind a bit and ended up eating lunch in the outhouse at the Wolf Creek Bridge, huddled up to the trusty ol' Mr. Heater. Fishing was good for the hour or so we actually fished. Seemed like the fish are back in the river.

Today was on the LM and I though ahead, opted for a walk wade. The morning was terrible, afternoon was pretty good. Lots of BWO's and the usual pinnners up eating away. Got some decnt fish on Bubblebacks and crayfish. 

I'm fishing the next week and hoping for that spring weather I used to know and love.

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