Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catch Up

I cant find my sd card reader, so no pics. 

The Beaverhead was great on opening weekend. We didn't catch any monsters but a lot of 17-20 inch rainbows and browns. All Nymphing with pinkies, soft hackle rays and a few different midge pupae patterns. I pretty much fished just one hole all weekend, while Chris and Jared branched out late on the second day. The worked some fish in the spring creek between the bridge and dam and each hooked one. Very kiwi esq according to them.

The flows were low when we were there, but they have since bumped it up. The beav is a neat little tailwater full of some nice fish. There are always a lot of folks around though, this weekend, everyone was pretty chill.

Everything around here is pretty much a wreck right now with runoff just getting going. I'll be out of town the rest of the week an dgo to the Missouri on Sunday.

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