Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mo Trip

Runoff is now in full swing in Sw Montana, making for some tough conditions on the areas larger rivers and low elevation streams around Bozeman. Fortunaltey for us, we have he Missouri, some spring creeks, and a few private water options as well which translates into some great fishing options despite what one might think. 
I just got back from a couple days of guiding a donated trip through TU up on the Missouri. The fishing was very good on nymphs. Pink stinks. There are caddis around up there, some small March Browns and plenty of Baetis out, but heads are tough to come by. The good thing is that the fish are in good shape with the average size being closer to 18" than 16", at least on the upper portion above Craig. Still haven't fished lower as the Deerborn continues to be pumping some mud into the river. I'll be back up there next week for a few days.

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