Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

The Caddis have been around for a bit now, but just really got going on the Madison just in time for the hatch's namesake. Some years it's early, but they're always out on Mother's Day. We ran out this evening and got some fish on dries, it was actually pretty good about the time most people were leaving. Prior to the rise, there was a real good bite on nymphs too. I caught a 3 good fish (16-17) on dries and a few smaller ones and several on nymphs. Considering we only fished a couple hours, it turned out pretty well.The water condition on teh lower is great right now, so once the Yellowstone does it's dirty dance, the lower will hopefully still be n good shape. The fish over there have been in great condition so far and this is te first thing of the year that gets 'em going crazy!

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