Thursday, May 07, 2009

I could lie

I fished the Yellowstone last Sunday and had a tough time depsite good conditions. My clients got enough fish, but it was just pretty inconsistent all the way through. We'd get some on nymphs, some on stremers, some on dries, but never much of anything on any one rig. We did have the river to ourselves and the weather was pretty nice too. So I guess that the battle was won and things worked out alright. There were some caddis starting, but the brunt of the hatch is certainly closer to Livingston at the moment.
I was up on the Missouri for 3 days with a couple ladies from Bozeman the last few days. Despite some breezy breeze and inconsistent temps, things worked out alright and we put the hammer to some really nice fish each day. The Dearborn was just getting going, so we left the lower river to the mud rats and stuck up between the dam and Craig for the most part. There seemed to be plenty of fish back in the river and they were eager to get on some pink SH Ray's and Amex Czech Nymphs. During the Baetis emergence, they got on a little green machine very well. It was pretty good fishing all the way around and an even better experience!

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