Friday, June 05, 2009

Back 2 Work

We just wrapped up a few days up on the Missouri with the group from Colton Bay Outfitters in Ann Arbor. This was the 4th year with the group and their first trip to the Mo. We were a little uncertain of things as the river went from 9000cfs to 11500cfs a few days before we headed up there.
The fishing was really good though, despite the high water. Forget about wade fishing for the time being. Fishing from the dam to craig was really good for everyone. The secret was to do the row around in soft water and nymph with 10-12 foot leader and a big split shot. Anything pink seemed to do it just fine. The lower river was tougher just becuase there isn't as much soft water down there, but the fish were stacked on the ledges and edges of anything soft.
There's a lot of water coming down up there right now, but if you're persistant with trying a few rigs out, the fish are hungry and eating. Everyone in the gropu hooked into crazy numbers of fish and everyone landed plenty over 18".
I've been fishing the MO since the mid 90's and this year seems to be showing the most promise in probably 10 years. The average size of fish is up and there are a ton of fish in the river. Not sure what the data is, but FWP was shocking in early May...we should see some number in early 2010!

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