Thursday, July 09, 2009

Getting Serious.

It has been a slow start to the guide season, but things are finally upon us and it just happens to coincide with the conditions getting good. I'm not sure if the slow start is related to the economy or water conditions, but outfitters and guides around the region are all down this year. The thing is that this is a great year for water conditions, so hopefully more anglers will get up here to experience it.

I'm expecting August to really be amazing this year and I have a lot of t
rips then as well, so at least there will be some getting to see some world class dry fly fishing with hoppers. Various government agencies are calling for a hopper plague this year!

Chris and I fished yesterday with an old friend of mine. It was the only cold and rainy day we've had in a couple of weeks. So conditions weren't great and our hearts weren't really into it either. We still got some fish and had a good time, just not as good as it could have been. Oh well, I think any day fishing is better than a day selling carpet!

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