Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Updates

The last week has been very nice, weather wise anyways, so we finally have seen most of the rivers come into great shape. The Yellowstone is fishable, but high, the Gallatin is in perfect shape, the Upper Madison is great as well. Most of the small streams have enough water in them to hold some fish still as well.
The stone is tough becuase you have to hit the right holding water as you are going by it at 30 mph, this is gettign better though and would be the choice in a day or two for the next couple of weeks. Once that water drops to the "normal" bank, it fishes crazy good and it's almost there.

I was to be guiding the last couple days, but came down with some food posioning and have now come back to the living. I'm heading up to Lewsitown to fish Big Spring Creek today and tomorrow. After that, I'll be guiding for the next 2-3 weeks straight.

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