Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well, the Yellowstone has dropped enough to finally be called clear...for the time being localized storms may bring a plug of mud or two down any day now...or maybe not.

Anyway, I did get some fish to eat hoppers yesterday.
There seems to be more and more people around some of my favorite stretches so I've decided to mum it up a bit. Not that they're all following me, but everyone is trying new things which I don't blame them for. The lower Gallatin, one of my favorites has been getting ripped apart and there just aren't enough fish to support that much pressure down there. So, I wont say the where on the hopper bite on the stone, but it's there. They're also starting to eat them on the Upper Madison as well.
This is one of my favorite times of year around here and the fishing has been great. Had a trip earlier this week and we were counting fish in the afternoons. We got 35 one day in just the afternoon with 3 over 20! They were happy.

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