Saturday, August 01, 2009

August Already

Well the hopper plague is apparently here. The hopper fishing has just been getting predictably good just about everywhere here in SW Montana. We had a few days of cool weather which really helped out the LM and got the fish on the bite pretty well over there. The Yellowstone has been very reliable and even maybe a bit too good to be true at times. The Upper Madison has remained it's moody self, reminding me a few days why its also called the Murderson.

I guided an 89 year old that fished with us for 5 days. It was really a treat to know that he was just thankful to be out there with his son and grandson on some beautiful water, catching some fish. I hope I make it that long and have fun getting there.

The seaosn is shaping up to be really really good and I'm excited to be in the middle of it. My next day off is AUg 16 and my last one was a week ago, so this run will be a 3 weeks every day. I kinda like my job and my office is great this time of year.

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