Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let it Snow

Well it looks like winter is back again. I'm not sure where we are sitting in terms of snowpack but I imagine it's probably around 80% of average so we can use some more. Honestly though, I'd be good with less water than we've had the last couple of year and a cool summer.

I've been testing a prototype bootfoot wader from Orvis for the last couple of months. They are the new Pro Guide IV with an attached boot. I really like them! The Pro Guide's have been overbuilt the last few years resulting in a heavier than needed construction and too many features.

What I really like about the new model is that they are lighter weight (in the body), cut better so they are easy to get around in, and the boots. The boots are made by BOGS and are breathable. They are really comfortable and have great support. They have a Vibram sole which seems to be improved over the first ones out by other mfr.'s last year. I've worn them about 10 days so far and have had no issues regarding traction in the water.

I prefer bootfoot wader over stocking foot for most of my uses as I usually only wear waders during the colder months. It's easier to wear warmer socks becuase they typically give you a little extra room. The ease of getting them on and off is ideal for me when guiding as it's one less thing I need to do in getting ready to go. Bootfoots are less popular today than they used to be but I think it has more to do with marketing than anything. We'd all prefer to see you a pair of waders and boots, but I'd really recommend giving these some consideration for your next wader purchase.

The only disadvantage to BF waders is that they don't offer as much ankle support as seperate boots, so they're not the choice if you do a lot of walking. I do a lot of walking but I primarily am fishing out of a boat so the few times I go for a walk of more than a 1/2 mile in waders, they're fine. If I only wade-fished and did a lot wolking into places with my waders on...I'd stick with stockingfoots and boots. By a lot I mean regularly walking in over 1/2 mile and then fishing all day.

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