Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missouri and Stuff

I fished the Missouri up near Craig this past weekend and had a great time. The weather was cooperative and the bite was pretty good. We saw a few midges and the odd rise here and there, but the nymph bite was pretty good. We only fished a couple of spots and really got into them good down lower on the river, fishing just off a deep drop off.

Winter fishing is like that around here most of the time. Cold water temps has the fish sitting in the deeper runs and holes. Hatches are pretty sporadic but the fish will move up into shallower slow water during the peak of the hatch. I like to look for heads in slack water that is next to some really deep stuff this time of year.

Bug selection is pretty simple this time of year. Usually a San Jaun with a dropper of some kind on tailwaters and a small golden stone nymph with dropper on the freestones. If the hatch is going, I pay more attention to the dropper selection. If there aren't too many bugs out, I like to use a sowbug on the tailwaters and an egg on the freestones. The only hatches of significance right now are midges, so I'll use a midge pupa of some type when I start to see some hatch activity.

There! That's something meaningful.

We are working on a Facebook page which should be live in a week. It already is live, but we haven't done any friends invite yet. Here's a link to the page though if you want to check it out at this stage. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fins-and-Feathers/156073141911?v=wall&ref=ts

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