Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Sunday

Watching the Super Bowl tonight withe the family. We celebrated my son, Alex's 11th birthday today though it's not until Wednesday and I will be on my way to NZ.
We had a great turn out to our fly tying seminar yesterday at the shop. Tim Tollet from Frontier Angler's in Dillon was our guest and he had some great insight into fishing around Dillon in addition to some pretty interesting new patterns. He really know a lot about fly design in terms of comng up with specific patterns to be fished particular techniques. We've got Doug Daufel next week tying a lot of his patterns for the West Yellowstone area.
I've pretty much wrapped up my packing for the NZ trip. I have so much photo gear now. Half of my stuff is photo related it seems. These big trips require so much preparation and planning that I usually forget the basics like leaders and gink (I got some today though).
I'm using the same fly plan for my nymphs as I used for my dry. Carry a lot in a small box and then have all the extras in an inventory box that stays at the house. We don't do a lot of nymph fishing there, but I always like to have a ridiculous selection so that I can throw every lifestage of every insect at that one fish that won't eat anything anyway! Always like to be prepared.

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