Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Final Thoughts on NZ 2010

There is something intangible about the entire NZ fly fishing experience that changes everything. I've experienced it for myself as well as having seen it just about everyone that I've gone there with over the years. Sure, the fish are big, the scenery is amazing, people are mostly very friendly, and the water is clean and cold. The fishing will test one's skills and never really seems to cut you a break...maybe once in a blue moon. Nothing comes easy in NZ and maybe that's why I always leave wanting, never satisfied.

Even when you do everything right and do get the fish to eat, you still have to deal with boulders in the water, undercut banks that reach all the way to hell, and the occasional questionable knot. So, regardless of the size of fish it is, any fish in NZ is earned and leaves you wanting the next one.

I've done a lot of fishing in my life and there just isn't anything like backcountry trout fishing in NZ. I'm already planning my 2012 trip.

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