Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Haps

I've been working in the shop this week, mostly just getting caught up on ordering and returning phone calls. The shop seems to be doing well this winter, I think the weather of late has a lot of folks getting out on the water which is always good for business. We've been selling lots of tying stuff along with flies and terminal tackle.
I am going to Atlantis, a massive resort of Nassau in the Bahamas, with my family next week. Really looking forward to hanging out with the wife, kids, and parents. I'm going to fish just one day so I'm probably a little more excited about that than I should be, especially considering that I just got back from NZ. Oh well, I love to shoot me.
After that, it's back to work with a little guiding coming up in early April over on the Bighorn. The snowpack is not looking great at this point, but a few heavy spring snows and a wet June should keep everything in good shape. The good news is that most of the reservoirs are pretty full so there should still be plenty of water on the tailwaters and Madison if things don't improve. I'm still much more optimistic about the outlook for the summer than not and really do think things are looking good.

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