Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Cleaning

The last week and a half has been pretty hectic.
My grandfather passed away this past week, he was 84 and had a good life. i was lucky enough to see him the week before while visiting family in Dallas. He had been on dialysis for over a year and his body just finally shut down. I'm very thankful that my boys got to see him last week as well. I've lost both my grandfathers in the last year now, I think I'm probably luckier than most as I have had all of grandparents in my life up until now.
On top of that, Christine got sick with a pretty bad cold. I delayed a trip over to the Bighorn so that she could get some rest and not be stuck with Matty by herself. I went to the horn on Wednesday and came home with the cold that my wife had. Ok that's my personal stuff for the week!

The Bighorn was ok. We arrived around 1 on Wednesday afternoon, floated until 7 or so at night. Beautiful weather, BWO's and got some fish on dries, nymphs, and streamers. Fishing was not epic by any means, but good enough. Thursday sucked...cold, wet, windy, rain, snow.

I'm heading back over there next Tuesday for a few more days on teh horn and then come back for a couple days guiding around here as well. Hopefully the LM will clean up a little so that I can fish it next week. Winds on Ennis Lake and the spring turnover of the lake has made for some crappy water color.

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