Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lower Madison Update

The lower, by all accounts (including mine), has been fishing really well the last week-10 days. Mild, cloudy days has made for some really amazing dry fly fishing on midges. Blanket midge hatches have been around most of the day on cloudy days and very heavy during cloudy periods on brighter days. The lower is famous for having oodles of bugs on top with the occasional rising fish but this has not been the case as of late. I had several friends out there yesterday that had very good dry fly fishing just about all day long.

I fished it today with a couple of buddies and we ended up primarily nymphing as it was bright and sunny. One of the guys did get some fish on dries and the other two of us did very well nymphing the buckets. I thought it was going to suck as the weather has been cloudy the last few days and a day like today usually leads to more frustration than anything else this time of year.
Hopefully I'll be able to get back over there for a few hours this weekend if we get the clouds. Crawdads, midges, and worms. They haven't been too picky on the dries either, with Para Adams and Wulffs working fine in size 18's. Pretty crazy so I'd definitely hit it again soon.

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