Monday, May 31, 2010

Rain Rain

It seems like it has been raining for seven months now! I guess it hasn't been that bad, but I'm ready for some 70-80 degree scorchers. 
I bought a buff a couple weeks ago and have hardly got to use it. I just want to be cool like all the other kids. Alright, I'll stop before I get going on the old knuckle upping, bro brah crapheads, that have an attitude that they're doing a client a favor by letting them go fishing with them for the day. I fought the buffs urge for years because that attitude is prevalent amongst the bluff wearers and sporters of visors. The fact is that buffs work really well but do in fact look gay. So I got a pink one. I haven't had enough hair for visors in a decade anyway.
Anyway, its off to the Mo I go again for 5 days. Lots of dirty water around here, but the Madison (both upper and lower) are holding their own around here. Fishing has been good but we need to go ahead and start getting rid of some of the snow in the mountains.

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