Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mo God Times

My days on the Mos are numbered, just have 3 more days to go and then it's back to the best fishing in the western US...Bozeman, Mt. The Mo is a phenomenal fishery, especially in May. As the season progresses, however, so do the crowds and weed growth. As this happens I like turning my attention back to sw Montana and getting on the Madison, Gallatin, and Yellowstone...this is where it really is.

My May trips to the Mo are more for the angler looking to catch a lot of big fish everyday, using whatever techniques we need to use. I really highly recommend thinking about this for next year as I've really got dialed in with regard to how where and when. It;s not the trip tp make instead of coming out in July-August but in addition. It's really a different experience altogether and is worth making your pans for now. Anytime from May 1 - Memorial Day Weekend is money. It gets crowded on the weekend and even mid week from there on. Anyway, put it on your bucket list because it is one of the few fly fishing sure things!

Lots of folks starting to show up here so it's time to try some new tactics. Get on the water early and do long floats just pushing ahead of all the crowds and cherry picking the Sweet spots. Same rigs...wire worms with Green Machines and Hare and Coppers...just a different approach.

So anyway, 3 more days which should be fantastic

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