Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update from the Mo

I've been here in Craig the last couple of days with some guys from Bozeman that bought a two day trip with me and lodging at Cross Currents at the annual Bozeman TU banquet. We donate stuff throughout the year to the chapter meetings and then bump it up a bit for the banquet. I've been fortunate in that everyone that has bought it over the years has been great fun. Money goes to a good cause and we always have fun.

I'm guiding up here the next couple of days and looking forward to it as the last couple of days have been very good. I haven't seen the dry fly fishing that everyone has been talking about but the nymphing has been stellar with the usual bugs. Good number of March Browns, BWO's and a few Caddis as well but just not a ton of fish up which I'll blame more on the wind than anything.

Nice weather in the forecast and all should be good.

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