Monday, June 07, 2010

Done on the Mo

Wrapped up my spring fishing on the Missouri on Saturday with the Colton Bay Outfitters group. I should throw them some love as they bring out a couple of groups a year from Ann Arbor. John Davis is the man with the plan there and always seems to get a great group of folks to bring to Montana. Colton Bay is a fly shop in Ann Arbor and they also do some guided fishing around Ann Arbor, the PM, and NE Ohio among other places. Look 'em up if you're ever in the area.

Fishing on the Mo has been very good pretty much straight on through. I think the toughest day I had was actually the one day that I had to fish with some friends of mine last week. We still managed to probably boat over 20 fish, but that was after a lot of rowing around in circles and trying to break away from the crowds. Even got a 12" brookie below Stickney one day.

One thing I definitely picked up on up there this year is that the browns come out and eat when that water is a little dirty. It's hard to get motivated to go fish that dirty water when there is still 20 some odd miles of clean water upstream. Worms worms and more worms. The water was clearing on Saturday and the flows were slowly starting to come up out of the dam. Higher flows should just make everything better as it will mix up the distribution of the fish a bit and maybe give them a little relief, especially the ones in the Dam to Craig section.

I'm in Buenos Aires today, heading up north to go duck and dive hunting this week! Back to work next Monday and hopefully some clearing water. My wife is the coolest wife in the world!

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