Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hoppertune Time

I don't know how many more ways to rant about the hopper fishing on the lower Yellowstone I can use. All out of ideas for new verbage.  It's smokin' right now though and just keeps gettin' better everyday. Fished rubberlegs in the morning and lit them up and then whacked 'em in the afternoon on hoppers.  Borwn Pats Rubberlegs (double rig) and size 8 MFC foam hopper in happy fish water did it well today. No carp though. Maybe tomorrow...wish we had alligator gar.

Today was one of those really good days with no wind, experienced anglers, a late start and early finish and lots of trout. I'm guiding one of my dad's old college buddies and his son today and the next couple of days. He's known me since I was born but this is the first time that I've met him which is pretty cool.

I've had some great people in my boat the last couple of weeks, actually all summer. That's kind of crazy to be honest as I usually get some whackos every once in awhile. I'm trying to think of horror stories from the year and I can't think of any that are client least not in Montana. I guess one of the dude's on the NZ trip kind of made up for the whole year in just a couple of weeks. One good thing from  my interaction with that sumbitch was that I got to see what 65 years of living with an untreated narcissistic personality disorder can do to a person! Hell, I've only got 39 under me...maybe I can sign up for some medicinal marijuana now. That'd be haha funny. I could just see me at about 10:30 am saying something like "dude, either pause on your backcast or I'm going to get really really stoned at lunch." There's a reason none of my doctors ever suggested me looking into some medical weed.

Anyway...I digress...the wife and kids have been out of town for a couple of weeks so the last couple of nights have been characterized by me trying to figure out how the vacuum cleaner works and what scrubby bubbles actually do to toilets. I'd change the sheets on the bed, but then I'd probably put them on inside out anyway. I've been doing my laundry and putting my clean clothes in a pile on the floor, dirty ones in a seperate pile. Had to get that sorted out too. I'm looking forward to having the family home, it's bee pretty quiet around here at night but I did get my Wii Golf score down to -8.

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