Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Brown

Hit the Gallatin today as the wind was pretty much everywhere and thought we could get a lot of fish and have a short day. Well, I was kind of wrong but we ended up getting one really nice fish, a couple good ones, and a few small ones mixed in with some hawg whities.

Water is low in the river, temps are ok, should be fishing better than what it is. I think it's getting thumped so I'm going to leave it alone for awhile and never talk about it again. All the fish are dead in there and the river is full of diesel fuel. The boat ramps have been filled in with broken bottles. Crazy people shoot guns at you.

Had a good day with some great folks, a mom and son on his 18th birthday. Given the tough fishing, everyone had a great attitude and a good time.

I'm going trolling for carp tomorrow up by Toston, Ive heard the sand bass are blitzing around York Island.

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