Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today started out like most days except that I noticed that the sun is coming up later and later which makes my days feel shorter. Also, I feel more like a human when I get up, the sun isn't up and it's 6 am.

Headed east again today, after yesterday, who could blame me? Well I have a few superstitions when it comes to fishing. I have a hard time remembering them all until after the fact, however. No bananas in the car, in my sight, and certainly not in the boat is quickly becoming one of the more frequent occurrences. Old sailor thing about spiders, must have some validity or why would sailors make it up? Must wear my silly nz necklace? Tie my first nymph rigs with droppers through the eye rather than the bend. Don't go back to the well.

I went back to the well today and there were reports of bananas being eaten prior to the trip departure. Doom. Ended up being a good day, not as good as I had expected, but still lots of fish, just not on hoppers. Weird how hoppers have been so good the last week or so and then very little love today. So, went to double rubberlegs pretty early on and got em where we should've and all ended well.

I am very full of shit at times, even to myself. So, hopper fishing is slow and I'm wondering why. It was windy two days ago, got lots of hoppers on the water so they ate the crap out of em yesterday. Calm yesterday and today, no hoppers on the water, no fish eating hoppers. They're gorged on hoppers, that's why they like stonefly nymphs today. Water is warm, they don't want to come all the way to the surface...put some split shot on a hopper...maybe try a rubberleg or two. Tippet shy today. I had myself convinced of everyone of these at some point during the day. The banana thing makes the most sense to me at this point.

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