Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Fished Mallards to Carters today on the Yellowstone. Good bite on whatever until noon or so, after which I have no idea what was going on because we had an upriver stiffy in our face at 20-25. Thank God for some easy going clients and some happy fish in the morning as we were off the water at 2:30 and don't think we missed anything this afternoon! I hate the water from Nelson's to Carters, they can have it...I gave it two chances this year and save the few retard fish that eat anything that floats in a size's just boring junk water full of silly eddies and empty drop offs.

I'm in a whiny mood tonight, the wind will do that to you. Make you wonder what the hell you're doing rowing a boat and hard selling the idea that the bite is going to happen when you know damn well that the bones have already been thrown and they're buried in someone else's backyard by now. I guess I could be a telemarketer selling juicers to little old ladies in some town named Dickens today and Hamler tomorrow. Maybe the wind isn't so bad after all.

Wind on the Ahuiuri is really bad though. Id' rather poke my eyes out with sandpaper than ever row a boat on that sumbitch. Wind actually starts in Mossburn, NZ. They have a Wind Farm that sits on top of the hill with all it's visual pollution glory and makes wind for the while world. I like Mossburn, but the wind farm there sucks! Sure we have things we call windfarms but our are for govenrment subsidies and green ease of mind, Mossburn's is for making something! And my mind wonders...

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