Thursday, July 22, 2010

Junk Show and Circus Acts

Pulled up to Nixon Bridge about 9 am today expecting reckless trout and relative solitude. Instead, I came upon a Galavan (local transport for handicapped and seniors) backing something into the river. The scene looked like something reminiscent of clowns, 3 rings, and a volkswagon. The ringleader asks me if I'm putting my boat in, tells me they're on their way in 20 min, and that the river is dirty. I was parked on the bridge over the river as he was talking to me...either he doesn't know what dirty is or he was trying to snow me while I was staring right at it. Either way...plan B.
I even considered going to the Jefferson and probably would have if I hadn't just told my clients that it's a great river but you have an equally good shot at getting worked over as having a great day there. The lower is too weedy, but crept into my mind for a 2nd too. Nope, Logan to Headwaters it was. Problem here is there's only about 3 miles of good water so tough to make a day out if it unless the bite is on. Otherwise it's rowing in circles, switching bugs, lengthening leaders, changing indicators, testing 6x flouro, pumping fish, looking for was the latter today.
We did manage to make a good day out of it considering it was the grandson's second time fly fishing and first in a boat. Could've been better but it was what it was and it wasn't too bad, just kind of sucked. When I finally pumped a fish it had some PMD adults and size 28 caddis pupa. Put a little PMD superflash pt on and started getting some fish. No worm or rubberleg love today...I felt lost and lonely at times. Did smell some dead animals on the river, watched a couple of rental drift boats lay some fiberglass on the rocks, and did get to spend the day with a good man and his grandson.
Both of my grandfathers have passed away in the last year. I was never that close to either of them, but that was more a result of proximity than anything. Neither of them fished, I came by that with my dad. Regardless, I'm pretty lucky to have grown up with all of my grandparents alive and can't imagine what it would have been like to not have had them to see in the summertime and to spoil me as well. I was a little jealous of Sam today in that he was fishing with his grandfather but kind of happy for him too because you could tell that he knew it was pretty special to be doing what he was doing with his grandfather.
I love catching big fish, lots of fish, whatever. I enjoy being on the river more days than not with people that are just there to have a great time and catch some fish. At the end of the day I do what I do because I enjoy it and appreciate the significance of having that privilege. There's something about cold clean water making it way downhill that just sets my brain right for a few minutes every other day or week.

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