Friday, July 16, 2010

Yellowstone Again

Have a day in the shop tomorrow and off the river. It was HOT today...98.

Back on the Yellowstone, just kept driving east until the wind quit blowing, ended up in Huntley. Lots of catfish, channel cats mostly. They like worms too. Think we may have a had a Palid Sturgeon on for awhile too. Made me think of that Primus song from back in "the day."

Ok, maybe I'm full of BS tonight because Im not rowing a boat tomorrow. Fishing was very good today, we were the only boat on the water, it was hot and not windy. Rainbows are eating the crap out of stonefly nymphs. I think they will eat hoppers, I saw lots of mature ones today with wings and big smiles. The greenery is turning brown, water is almost perfect and I saw some fish looking up today. We were getting fish really well today and we weren't motivated to try something else as what we were doing was working...but I think they will eat hoppers on Sunday.

I think they will eat hoppers, I think they will eat hoppers...or did they?

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