Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Title

Fished the Yellowstone the last 2 days and it's been pretty solid. Still getting some whities but 80% or more are trout now. They're still holding in soft water off the banks and drop offs and still eating the crap out of stonefly nymphs and will probably be doing that for quite awhile. Almost tried some hoppers today but it was really too windy in the afternoon. Probably try that tomorrow as there should be some bigger browns (which I haven't seen yet) hanging in the riffles and shallow flats. Mostly smaller fish with the occasional hookup with a freight train that we never seem to see so who knows...big fish or belly hooked whitie. 

I've been leaving the house around 5:30 the last couple of weeks it seems and it still doesn't seem normal to me. Traffic is pretty quiet in Bozeman at that time of day though. I drove through Mcdonalds twice this morning and ended up sitting in the drive through for 10 minutes, waiting for them to open. Pretty exciting way to start the day. Early tomorrow once again.

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