Thursday, August 26, 2010

Esoteric Cutties

Had a play day today with a couple of buddies that used to work for me. Kind of strange how that all works out, but it seems like it usually does. We fished the upper Yellowstone for a change of scenery and with the hope of catching oodles of cutties on dries. No big fish expectations today, just a good time fishing, joking, and casting dries.

Well the bite was slower than expected, we boated 6 or 7 decent cutthroats and a pile of dinks. A lot of fish would look real hard but not eat, which is pretty typical of Yellowstone Cutthroats. I did catch one that I messed with for a half an hour or so that was sitting on the bottom in a big eddy. Just kept throwing my dry over it until it finally saw it and said hello about 4 feet away.

Today was one of those days that reminds me of why I love fly fishing so much. The catching and conquering is always great, but the amazing outdoors with a cold stream running through the day with some good friends to bs with is really what makes the deal for me when I'm just out having fun.

I get caught up in numbers and size, but that's what people hire me to do in addition to the bs and "ambassador of the sport" and local naturalist guide. But the reason I love to do what I do is best summed up in the hooplah that Jimmy Houston makes whenever he hooks a bass. That's pretty much how I feel whenever I get to be on the water and today just reminded me of that great feeling once again!

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