Friday, August 27, 2010

Great Day

Day one with the Dent guys was a great success on the Lower Madison. The fish were all over Fins & Feathers Fly Guru Rick Weisend's mad creation of what I like to call a crayfish inspired zirdle or Rick's Zic . It's the perfect weight and color over there right now. A size 16 silver lightning bug helped the rest of the time. A very good crawdad bite today, so we really didn't mess with hoppers too much. Lots of fish in the 14-17 inch range pretty much all day through.
The real highlights of the day, however, usually has nothing to do with the fishing. One of the guys fell chest first out of the boat and onto a weed bed while Ben was coming over for lunch.  (It was only 2 inches deep so he was fine)In doing so, he crushed the 966 Tip Flex Helios he was ranting and raving about during the morning. Something to the effect that this rod changed his life as an angler. As we laughed about that one of the other guys gets up and stumbles in his fly line and ends up destroying his sage z-axis. Funny ha ha as he rags on Orvis rods for breaking all the time. I haven't broken or seen a broken one all year until today and the sage was definitely weaker in all categories (as measured by me).

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