Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feelin Mo Bettah

Had a great day 2 in the Pink Boat today on the Yellowstone. The bite was so so, but the company and time on the water was great. Not sure why they weren't eating so well, maybe something to do with the persistent and consistent wind, maybe a drop in water temps, or the river was clearing throughout the day. Whatever, I thought they should've been eating better. Still managed to make a good day out of it and get some good fish too. Stoneflies and Lightning Bugs, no hoppahs.

It was a real treat to have the Pink Boat today as everyone on the trip appreciates the efforts and the cause. We raised $1875 today to go directly to the Susan G. Komen BC Foundation! Our guests for the day were uber generous, we had some more donations from other clients and family as well. Ben Jantzen and I both donated our guide fees as well today.

There is a stretch on this piece of water where the river bends to the south and the Crazy Mountains are behind us. I was walking the boat back up this run the spring after my mother in law passed away from cancer, and tears came over me as I thought of her and how amazed she would be if she was there that day. Don't know why I thought of her then, but I did and I think of her every time I go down that run and smile to myself because I know she would be too. Today was very a special day for me for many reasons and I'm very glad to have spent the day trying to do something good for the world and to think of Carol often. Cancer sucks. Thanks to everyone that has helped fight the good fight with their generous support.

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