Monday, August 09, 2010

Therapy Needed

Today was one of those days that everyone always asks about. You know the question...that one that you just hope and pray that you aren't "that guy." If I drank booze, I would be on my second bottle of Mad Dog and deep into a six pack of King Cobra Tall Boyz! But all I have is my wife and Rick to vent to...and you.
Oh my my.

But tomorrow is with the Amero's and company which is always a great day. Also, it's my 2nd day with the Pink Boat. The day hasn't started and we've already raised $700 going into it. Come on the Pink some love!

This season has been very good to me. Lots of great people in the boat, nice weather overall and pretty consistent fishing more days than not. Sure, there are some days when the bite is great and I've got a couple of great stick in the boat, but most days are somewhere in the middle. Most people just dig being on the water and catching some fish. Everyone wants to catch more and bigger fish, but most people are happy with what their skill, the conditions, the river, and what the guide all bring together. Some days it's a few fish and a moose, some days its 3 fish over 20, sometimes its 15 4 inchers and whitefish or two. The most satisfying part of my job is seeing people appreciate the hard work with some laughter and a sense of awe at the surroundings and experience.

A guide trip is an expensive proposition for most folks. $450 for a day of fishing is a lot of money and I think any guide...even the crappy ones...recognize that people are shelling out good money for a float down a river so I think everyone tries pretty hard to bring it all together. Some are better at it than others and that's what results in repeat customers. I like to think that I'm pretty good at as I have a lot of repeat customers, but who knows...maybe they just don't want my wife and kids to starve!

So, to all of my repeat clients and new folks this year that read this silly thing...THANK YOU! Rest assured that you are not "that guy"...maybe one of you is but that's a seperate're just neurotic as am I.

Muncie...where are you...we need to have a do over...on me.

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