Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Felt like spring today. Rain and boulders crashing into dams has made for some decision making in the mornings. So, today, like yesterday, we settled on the lesser of all the evils and headed for upper paradise valley. Greeted by a howling wind and unsettled weather, the rise was infrequent at best.

So, we do as we do and accept that it is what it is and go from this to that. The good thing was that there were a few fish here and there eating streamers and we did end up getting onto a few pods of rising trout late in the day. BWO's, pseudos, some caddis, and some Red Quills. I think if the wind would not have been our friend, the dry fly fishing would have been pretty good throuhgout the afternoon. The river color is good. May end up down low tomorrow as my plan A for tomorrow is still on the upside of the downhill run. Jihad mofo.

Oh, and it snowed again in the mountains last night and was a peachy 42 when I left the house this am. We're hammeren on hoppahs!

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