Saturday, August 07, 2010

Off Today

Back on the Yellowstone yesterday for some very solid action up above Big Timber for a change. Hopper fishing was probably pretty good, but the nymphing was really good so we just stuck with it. We were into fish pretty much right out of the gate right on through until the boat ramp. Must have been some heavy rains to the north on Thursday as all of the creeks coming in from that side of the river were puking mud into the river. It was fine down to Otter, but am betting it was pretty bad past that for quite away. Good for the river though as the weeds have started to get pretty bad and hopefully a day or two of dirty water might kill some of them off.

Had the day off today which consisted of lots of family time including a trip to Sweet Pea, some Tennis, and friend's wedding. Back at it tomorrow.

I did get stung by a wasp yesterday at the takeout. My stretch marks swelled up on my stomach, making it look more like a jellyfish sting than anything else. Ended up going to Urgent Care and paying $60 for the doc to tell me it looks like it hurts pretty good...which it did. That's pretty good for me though to make it until August without any trips to the doctor all summer!

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Anonymous said...

where is the pic of the bee sting tough guy?