Sunday, August 08, 2010

What did I learn today?

Good day on the upper Madison today filled with lots of small trout, a couple good ones, and plenty of hawg whities. Today I learned that whitefish can jump really high. Also I learned that a lot of my favorite holes up there are now filled with whitefish. I learned that weather predicting can be inaccurate at times.

No hopper love today, a few small fish tried to eat an elk hair, saw a few spruce moths out, lots of very small PMD's, a few tricos, and a bazillions micro caddis. Most of our fish today were on a size 16 TH Soft Hackle PT. It was reliable enough to the point that I had to dig into the fly cluster box to sort a few more out.

I will put a pic of my cluster box up tomorrow. It's kind of a mess.

All in all, a good day on the UM, with the exception of a very timely afternoon thundershower. It was more like hell unleashed the hounds for about 45 minutes. So windy I couldn't keep the boat off the bank. SO much lightning that I was hugging the ground with my ass. I was almost asleep on the bank when one of the guys throws out an f-bomb, I think he must've seen some lightning hit close by but he was screaming because a snake just crawled across his shin. heebee jeebies all around.

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