Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weed again

Just got back from a couple of days up on the Missouri with one of the guys I see every year. He's 84 this year and says he wants to do one more year. I hope I still love to fish as much as he does when I'm 84.

Anyway, the Mo is weedy. Not so bad that a really good angler can't deal with it so long as they clean their flies every cast. The weather was crap for hoppers and the rise was sporadic at best on Tricos and PMD's. The first couple miles below the dam are the least weedy and most crowded. We got a few good fish both days but had more dry spells than hot ones and pretty much found weeds of some variety on just about every drift.

The weather the last week has kind of thrown everyone a curve ball with it's unsettledness but things should get back on now that the fish and temps have settled back into a norm for a day or so. That's a round about way of saying that fishing hasn't been this week and I don't know why.

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