Monday, August 16, 2010


From the stone to the beav to the mo to the stone stone stone and then horn horn home. Seems like month since I've been in the shop but thankfully the guys are keeping the empire alive and well. I think that we've had a recent rush of seasonal highway workers spending their hard earned share of the stimulus money. They must have time to fish as they only seem to pave one lane of the roads around here.

The yellowstone continues to be the most consistent thing going around here. The LM is still a weedy cesspool, the upper continues to be inconsistent, and wtfk about the gallatin. I've been continuing to stick down well below Livingston, getting on the water early to avoid the other guide boats. The last couple of days have been good nymphing but I haven't messed with hoppers too much as the nymphing has been reliable. Stoneflies and lightning bugs all summer long. It's pretty weedy but more of the string variety than the cotton candy type. I love weeds.

Two more days around here and then I head over to the Bighorn for a couple of days of fishing black fly pupae which everyone assumes are really black caddis pupae. But Rick lined me up on that one years ago so we'll just leave at that. It's supposedly fishing well and not too weedy.

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