Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fishing is Gud

On the front side of another weather system, chance of snow tomorrow and supposed high around 60. Lots of smaller fish today on the Yellowstone, very little hopper love. Midnight stones and lightning bugs. Pumped a fish and it was eating caddis larvae and pupae. Played with bugs a bit, but the standards worked best. Otter Creek was very dirty and really made the north side of the river pretty chunky for a few miles downstream. Saw some fish eating Tricos throughout the morning as well.

Great people for the day, had lots of laughs, plenty of trout, plenty of whitefish, and pretty low pressure. Crazy weather on it's way. Will be in shop the next couple of days, trying to get out on Tuesday for a day of fishing and photography.

Squirmy Wormies?

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