Sunday, September 05, 2010

A day in the life...

"Hey dude...what do you think they're eating on the Gally today?" "Hey man, I need to get like a lightning bug, I go to MSU...I get my discount right?" "I'm here to buy a fishing license, now where are the trout biting?" And you thought working in a fly shop was all about the glory of secret patterns, hot spots, and the inside skinny of where all the hot girls fish! The phrase I have come to embrace is that it is what it is.

After the several hours of shop life came to an end for me today, I went and took some pics. Nothing came out amazingly well, but I tried anyway. Paul suffered in the rain and 35 degrees and me yelling at him while he stood in the middle of the river to not move your head, but make a cast...and don't slip. We had some fun and got to enjoy a little time on a part of the river that we don't get on too often.

It is cold here today, snow in the mountains and one helluva an electric storm last night. Good new is that it's probably cold enough to keep the rivers clean with the moisture. I think hopper fishing is gonna slow down a bit.

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