Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Should have been a great day today on the Yellowstone. Good conditions all day for hatches, so the fish should have been chowing some dries and pounding nymphs. I guess it all worked out in the end, ended up with quite a few dinks and a pile of big whitefish. There were BWO's around all day and enough Red Quills in the afternoon to constitute a hatch. Cloudy conditions made for tougher hopper fishing but had a few try that too. Overall, I would say it was ok but should have been very good. We found a few pods of rising fish, they were just all small fish, maybe saw a few decent fish working on top.

Lunch came around and I realized that my propane bottle was empty. Luckily I was with a hearty South African so we built a fire a grilled some Brats over an open fire and sang Koombaya (no idea how that's spelled but you know the song).  Calling for more of the same weather the next couple of days so it seems like fall is here to stay for ahwile.

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Josh said...

Is that a timpanoga hecuba? Very cool to find a hatch of those.