Friday, October 22, 2010

Ice Fishing in Hell?

Don't know what to do or say...the Texas Rangers are going to the WS? I'm going to Cabella's in Michigan and dropping some Benjamin's on some ice fishing junk. Augers and tip tops are in order because Hell has froze!
A few less whitefish!

Pertinent stuff. Last day of the season today on the Lower. Beautiful day and a good bite early and then late. White zonkers and LB's in the morning, worms and eggs later, zonkers and worms even later. Periods of nothingness when the sun was out, pretty good with shadows and clouds.

Fished Lyon''s yesterday and it was reasonably good. 10-15 fish, a couple around 18, the rest 12-16. Worms and worms, a couple on zonkers. Saw a girl in her underwear that she said was a bikini. My rig didn't get moved, so they gave me a ride back to my truck. Better fishing was by getting out and working some pockets of slower water with a little depth.

Heading to Ohio tomorrow for some downtime and family time. Guess the Steelheading has been OK, but they need some rain to get the fish up the rivers. It will probably rain like hell the next day or two and dirty all the rivers up, hopefully not.

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