Monday, October 04, 2010

New Stuff

Attended the Orvis dealer meeting today here in Bozeman to take a look at the new gear for 2011 and to get an update on Orvis things in general. I'd already seen a lot of the stuff, but it never hurst to take another look as the next time I will see most of it is next spring in the shop.
They really have a great product development team of fishy guys that are in their 30's and have been in the industry for a long time. They've had a few grand slams in the last couple of years with the Helios rods and the Mirage reels this year. Orvis has come a long long way from 10 years ago in terms of putting out some really top notch products.
Some great new things fro 2010 include a new line of mid-priced performance rods called Access (name leaves something to be desired) but at $350 they really are the best at that price point. The large and mid-arbors are both being retooled with improved drags, lighter weight and improved anodization. A couple new wading boots with both runner and felt sole options. Also, Orvis gained a patent on their welded seam technology for waders which has been really successful in terms of durability (apparently I am the only person to have destroyed a pair).
With all good things comes a few duds(in my opinion). Wasn't impressed with the redesign of the Safe Passage line of chest packs and luggage. The fabric just looks like something out of LL Bean to me. They have a new model of wading shoe made by Korkers that will sell for $225 (about $75 too much). 
All in all, lots of good new gear that should all help anglers get more bang for their buck and hopefully a little more enjoyment out of the sport. We will start bringing in some of the new stuff in November, but more so in April/May

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