Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fall Again?

Today was the first day in awhile that actually felt like Fall. Overcast skies with intermittent drizzle and surrounded by the changing colors in the Madison Valley. Perfect streamer conditions in the morning to be followed by a BWO hatch early mid-day. We're talking about the Upper Madison though.

Fished today with a couple of guys from Orvis (the regional rep and his boss to be exact) on the UM from Lyon's to Palisades. The bite was actually reasonably good on dead drifted zonkers with a small BWO nymph behind it. Got some dinks, but mostly 14-16" and  a good number too. Kind of bizarre if you ask me. Tried stripping streamers...it wasn't on. Fished two little nymphs and hooked dinks. Switched it up late morning and started getting 'em pretty regularly the rest of the day. Nice enjoyable day on a busy stretch of water without it being busy with a couple of good guys and a decent bite.

So...what did I learn today? You can probably see the new parking lot at Palisades from Google Earth without zooming in. Good God, the thing is bigger than the mall parking lot here in Bozeman. Gots to be loving that 3% Mr. BLM/FWP. And whoever said that the government doesn't know how to add value?

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