Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pheasant Opener

Today felt more like a good day to fish hoppers than shoot pheasant. The weather was beautiful up here on the high line, a little warmer than we would have liked. Pretty tough to keep the dogs out more than half an hour or so once it started to warm up. Seems like plenty of birds around, we just had had a hard time finding the right places to hunt them.

Did have one of those moments this afternoon that is kind of like one of those "lifetime achievement" moments. We were running the dogs through some cover we had hunted in the morning so our expectations weren't too high. Dogs were doing well, made a couple false points and started the creep, but then got off the the birdiness. Tao (my dog) went on point, my buddy is telling me my dogs on point but I was sweaty, tired, and assumed it was another false point. Anyway, found Tao locked up and I crept up behind him and a beautiful rooster cackled and got up about 10 yard a away. What a moment it was! My dog locked up on a rootie that is holding, the Rocky Mountain front is in the background, sun to the side, I can see every feather on the bird's head. I emptied my gun and not a feather was to be found. Typical.

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