Friday, October 01, 2010

Rowing For The Cure

It's breast cancer awareness month, I was reminded of this fact today when I picked up the morning Chronicle and it was printed on pink paper. A lot of us in the area have tried to bring some attention to this disease by rowing the beloved "Pink Boat" named Judy. Judy was the mother of Ian Davis, who is one of the owners of Yellow Dog and former owner of Breckenridge Outfitters. Not sure how much money we've raised this year so far, but my guess is that it's a lot more than was expected. This disease has touched so many lives that it's not hard to find people willing to chip in with hopes of making this thing just go away someday. So, if you see the pink boat around this month, please think of someone you know has fought the disease and honor them with a small (or large) donation to support this great cause. Thank you to everyone that has donated this year and please continue to support the Susan G. Komen foundation through trips on the pink boat.

We miss you Carol.

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