Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indian Summer

Another spectacular day in terms of weather. Fishing was good today too, nymphing rubberlegs and lightning bugs. An amazing Pseudo hatch which brought oodles of dinks up to the surface most of the day. Lost a few pretty good fish, got a bunch of 10-14 inchers and landed one a little over 18". Th water is low and clear, so smaller tippet seemed to make a little difference but who knows for sure, the fish were eating is the bottom line. We've been having some really pretty sunrises and sunsets the last few days, I should take a picture of one of them sometime.

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jack said...

Toby, is my brother smiling like a butcher's dog or what? Thanks for a great day on these great and beautiful waters. It was very fun to have a brand new fly fisheman catch some nice trout and even get his picture posted on the blog. He'll send it to everyone he knows if he can figure out how to email it to them. We shoulda had the .22.Hope you enjoyed your pizza,