Thursday, November 04, 2010

Something is Better than Nothing

The weather is still ridiculously nice. I guess it was pretty miserable around here while I was in Ohio, but it's pretty much exactly how it was when I left. We're supposedly gonna get some weather moving in early next week  though so maybe there will be some BWO fishing this fall.

I've been working in the shop this week, getting caught up on some ordering and trying to resist the urge to go throw some worms and eggs. I've been getting mixed reports of water clarity being off on the lower, but think that it is probably off-color but not to the point that the fish are off. This is all speculation based on what I've been hearing so who the hell knows for sure.

I'm taking a photography workshop that starts on Sunday afternoon and runs through next Wednesday. It's taught by some pretty well known photogs, Moose Peterson is the head dude of these workshops called DLWS. I've been putting a lot of time and money into taking pics the last couple of years so I'm looking forward to having learning some things from actual photographers rather than a book or online forum!

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Anonymous said...

It has been my observation over the last 40 years as a professional photographer that... the most successful photographers are first of all good businessmen.

At a PP of A convention once, the program presenter ask if we would like to double... no tripple our income the next year. Everyone said YES. "Then get someone to run your studio/business and go in the back and take pictures". Most photographers are lousy businessmen.

You already take wonderful pictures. Look at your blog. You have "the eye". Shoots, you even made me look good holding a fish.

I hope your photo classes go into how to market your pictures. How to make money.

As a very successful photographer once told me... "Stan, there are only 3 reasons to be in business.
1. Make Money 2. Make Money., and 3. is to Make Money.

You and I are blessed, we've been able to make a living from our hobbies... Fishing and Photography. You've got the fishing part down... now start making some money from those wonderful images you capture all the time. LOL