Thursday, November 04, 2010

A Question?

I have no idea how many people follow this, but the number of comments I get from folks is amazing. Anyway, as I've mentioned...I am in the middle of ordering stuff for next year. Flies are a big part of our business and I'm always looking for new patterns that people want. So, let me know if there are any patterns that you'd like to see in the shop next year. FYI- I usually bring in over 100 new patterns every year, sometimes more. Flies are tricky business and my/our ideas of hot patterns aren't always the same as our let me/us know.


Will Jordan said...

Galloup's Boogie Man would be nice to see in the bin.

Josh said...

Galloup streamers - any and all, especially the Zoo Cougar. Foxy Red Clouser, although I believe you currently carry some that are similar. Card's Wiggle Worm (terrestrial, I believe Montana Fly Company carries it). I will also say that sometimes I'm surprised at how hard it is to find basic patterns at the shops around Bozeman, so being stocked with orange Stimulators and callibaetis spinners would make me more likely to stop at your shop first.

Anonymous said...

You should link your Blog and website to to track your traffic. It's free and a sneaky cool way to see how may hits you get.

Bigerrfish said...

I live in Colorado but fish in Montana twice a year, If I hit up your shop I would be after,
Trout Crack
Hogans s&m
Master baetis
Rainbow warrior

Yo said...

How about some of those Gartside sparrows???